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What is Stamina Fibre ?

What is Stamina Fibre ?

Where does a good nights sleep come from?


Many factors influence our sleep but two of the most important factors are what we rest our heads on and what we cover ourselves with. A pillow must be soft, yet provide adequate support for the head and neck; and a duvet must be light, yet warm. Many people seem to think that this kind of comfort is only possible with down.

We call StaminaFibre™ natures clone because it is the closest thing to a synthetic down. StaminaFibre™ is a unique, patented filler with all the well-known advantages of down and none of its drawbacks.


StaminaFibre™ keeps both its fluffiness and slight bounce through years of use. Plump it up, give it a shake and it is like new. StaminaFibre™ may even be washed as often as needed to keep it clean and free of allergens without changing its shape in any way.

All these excellent qualities help to make StaminaFibre™ durable and friendly to individuals with allergy as well as supremely, downily comfortable - all through its long, long life.