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StaminaFibre Canada - Collection of Pillows, Duvets, Blankets, and Synthetic Featherbeds for Buyers or Retailers


“looking for the most exhilarating sleep experience ever . Want to sell the most breathtaking integrated sleeping collection since the discovery of natural down.   StaminaFibre® promises more traffic, greater revenue generation and stronger profit margins.  Whether you are a bedding buyer or a retailer, StaminaFibre® gives you the solutions you need to succeed.”


Nearly 10 years ago we set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering the greatest user experience in bedding products.  From 5 star Hotels to humble bed and breakfasts and retailers all over the world nearly half a million bedding products have been sold.  StaminaFibre® Canada is the exclusive producer of StaminaFibre® filling and the  StaminaFibre® integrated sleep system

The  StaminaFibre® integrated sleep system is a comprehensive collection of pillows, duvets,blankets and synthetic featherbeds that are made with a revolutionary new filling material called  StaminaFibre®.  Referred to as synthetic down,  StaminaFibre® is   comfortable (like down), yet hypo-allergenic and completely washable. Unlike feather, foam and polyester,  StaminaFibre® pillows duvets, blankets and featherbeds remain fluffy and resilient even after repeated wash cycles.  No other bedding collection can make these claim


Who We are

Inside Sales and Customer Service

Helen Chudoroschkow

Production and Logistics 

Jorge Minano

General Manager 

Adam Lambert

Sales and Product Development 

John Lungul

Fullfillment and Planning 

Michelle Budai


Marylyn Kneller

 “Houston we have a problem”
Founder and current President, John Lungul first recognised the need for a new filling in the late 90’s .  “A great void exists in the market. The International Standard for comfort is natural down.  Unfortunately down carries great penalties in terms of costs, maintenance and durability.  Of paramount importance, there is a real allergen concern with down and feather products.  Similar vulnerabilities exist with the synthetic alternatives Foam and Polyester.” 

Executive Housekeepers Love Us

Focusing primarily on Hospitality, John spent much of his time working with housekeeping departments who automatically gravitated to  StaminaFibre®. According to Lungul, “sales were easy, all we had to do was show up. “  Until now Hotel, pillows were notoriously awful. If they were'nt  filthy they were flat or clumpy. In many cases some pillow cases contained as many as 3 pillows because they were so flat.  StaminaFibre® pillows on the other hand with their down like  StaminaFibre® can be be laundered multiple times , never flatten and last several years longer.  As hotels started making up their beds with  StaminaFibre® pillows, an unusual thing happened. Hotel guests started sending letters us letters.  At first, an odd one here and there, but the numbers soon swelled to several thousands.
The letters were all orders and requests for  StaminaFibre® pillowsfrom hotel guests who experienced how comfortable they were first hand during a Hotel stay.  Imagine a hotel guest so excited about a pillow that they stripped the pillowcases off them in order to discover the manufacturer's label. The letters enthusiastically reported how well they had slept, many for the first time in years.  Whether it was hotel guests with allergies, muscle problems, neck and back conditions or just extremely happy hotel guests who finally slept on their first really nice hotel pillow, the  StaminaFibre® pillow was a hit.  Put simply, the  StaminaFibre® pillow, had simply spoken for itself.