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Green Tea Mattress

The most important thing after a long day is a good night sleep. So you want the best mattress on the planet because you know that’s what your body wants at the end of the day. The Stamina Fiber Green Tea Mattress has everything your body needs for a perfect nights rest. It has a highly conforming comfort and support that is covered in a luxurious blister stretch knit. Are you wondering why this is called the Green Tea Mattress? Trust me; it doesn’t have to do with the drink. The Green Tea Mattress actually has an Eco – friendly Evergreen Green Tea Bio Foam that makes up the best part of the mattress. Sounds cool, right? Here is what the Stamina Fiber Green Tea Mattress actually does to make your time of rest a perfect one.

  • A safe and healthy rejuvenating sleep experience.
  • It adapts to your body for a very personal feel.
  • It minimizes the pressure points for less discomfort and a more restful sleep.
  • Because of its improved airflow and breathability , it minimizes overheating
  • It reduces motion transfer between sleep partners so you don’t wake when they move around.
  • It has a long lasting life cycle, returning to its original shape day after day.

This mattress not only compliments the properties of the Traditional Green Tea foam, but it combines the Green Tea Contour memory foam to give you a comfortable sleeping environment. The intensely comfortable Stamina Fiber Green Tea foam aligns your body for an improved blood circulation and air flow. It also has a removable outer cover to put in the laundry so that you can stay hygienic all while enjoying one of the best mattresses on the market. The Stamina Fiber Green Tea foam mattress is available in Twin, Full, Double and Queen sizes and is at a very affordable price, especially for what you are getting from this mattress. Green tea Foam is in pillows and Mattresses that are being bought by the thousands every day. Do you want to treat your body to the best sleep experience that is deserves at the end of the day?  Do you want a mattress that will feel brand new years after you’ve purchased it? That is why the Stamina Fiber Green Tea Mattress was created; for people like you.