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 Don't take our word for it. Take a look at what Hotel guests are saying about StaminaFibre®

Today's obsession with cleanliness was the motivating force behind the washable synthetic down StaminaFibre® collection, according to John Lungul, vice-president of sales, FR Systems, which manufactures the line. "Unlike feather, down and polyester products, StaminaFibre® pillows and duvets remain fluffy and resilient even after repeated wash cycles. Feedback from our clients is very positive. Initially they are skeptical about the claims we make. For the most part, buyers want value. Unfortunately, they seldom think about the durability of comfort and look. If a bedding product cannot be laundered, its life cycle will not be great,"

John Lungul

VP Sales, FR Systems International



Simply Amazing! I thought for sure that these pillows were goose down. The label says StaminaFibre pillows never flatten and that you guarantee that for 3 years.

David Silver

Nashville, Tn



You really cannot compare them to anything else. You can wash them as much as you want and they will never go flat. Best of all they really feel like down, my guests are raving about them. The magic is in the StaminaFibre!

Rhonda Maxwell

Comfort Rest Lodge

We chose StaminaFibre® pillows and duvets because they feel like natural down and you can wash them. I am happy to report to you, that we are as happy today as we were when we first purchased StaminaFibre® pillow and duvets nearly 4 years ago. Thank You!

Amin Suleman

GM, Holiday Inn Red Deer



Recently I stayed at the Fairmont Royal York and had the opportunity to sleep on one of your pillows. Because of my job I travel a lot, and that was the first time in a long time that I woke up without a headache and a sore neck.

I would like to know how I can order 2 Queen Size Stamina Pillows.

Brian Aitken

Edmonton, AB




Usually, my wife and I take our own pillows, as hotel pillows are typically flat and uncomfortable. However, this time was different. Your pillows are so supportive that we kept ours in the car. Your wonderful pillows not only helped us to enjoy our vacation, but also I found out the solution for my neck pain.

David Sullivan

Guelph, ON




"I love my pillows, when you lay your head on them the area where your head is flattens up however the sides stay nice and fluffy so you can rest your head on the side and the pillow supports your head. They really keep their form, I have had them for a while and they still look the same as the day I received them. The material is great since it feels like down but lighter. I sleep much better now that I have StaminaFibre® pillows!"

Manon Guitard

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts



Would you please tell me which one of your pillows the Delta Meadowvale Resort & Conference Center in Mississauga is using? Is it the StaminaFibre® pillow? My husband and I stayed there one night last week and we had a great night's sleep, thanks to your pillows. We slept so well that I ripped one of the tags off of the pillow so I could find out how or where to purchase them.

Kim Williams

Mississauga, ON



Hi John, Thank-you for your great customer service this afternoon.I wanted you know that my husband and I spent Saturday night at the Royal York in Toronto, and the minute he laid down on the bed, he said, "you have to lie on these pillows".They were simply incredible. I wrote down the name of the company, StaminaFibre®, and look forward to having them in our home soon.

Doris E. Nagorski




On February 23, 2008 my wife and I had occasion to stay over at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Room 10-298. Normally my wife has trouble sleeping in hotels, chiefly due to the pillows that are usually available. Her comment to me the next morning was how comfortable the pillows were this time and she would like the same kind at home.

Kirk McDonald





I had recently stayed at the Delta Hotel in St. John, New Brunswick , for the second year in a row… and for the second year was treated to sleeping on the most wonderful pillow in the world!!! This year, short of stuffing one in my suitcase (only kidding of course!) and even offering to purchase the pillow I slept on!!… The kind folks at Delta Hotel gave me your name.

Theresa L. Osterlich

Bethlehem, PA



I am allergic to feathers and dust mites. Your pillows have saved my life! The best way to control allergens is to warm water wash your pillows. The StaminaFibre® pillow is the only wash durable pillow I know of.

Linda Wallace

Baltimore, MD




Oh my god , what an Amazing Pillow, It's about time we got a good Hotel Pillow.

Lyne Lutz ,

St. John's Newfoundland




StaminaFibre® , Wow, I thought for sure this duvet was Goose Down.

Julie Stogios

Burlington , ON



We brought our own pillows and never used them, How do we go about buying StaminaFibre® pillows.

Mick Doherty Brace Bridge , ON