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Are you a Hotel, Inn or Bed and Breakfast?

StaminaFibre® will enhance your guests' sleep experience promoting customer loyalty and increasing your bottom line. More importantly, StaminaFibre® pillows, duvets and featherbeds are wash durable and never flatten. Your guests expect the best from your bedding products; after all personal comfort is a desirable and justifiable indulgence.

It's been well documented that hotels that make a commitment to comfort through luxury bedding programs have experienced higher guest satisfaction scores, market share and business growth. Bedding upgrades can attract guests to hotels and delight them with an unforgettable sleep experience. Providing a memorable sleep experience guarantees that your happy guests will return to your hotel.

Purchasing proprietary StaminaFibre® products direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices means you will have the most cost effective bedding products in the industry. Down like and washable StaminaFibre® pillows, duvets and featherbeds never flatten.

We guarantee it!

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