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Get Comfy with StaminaFibre Mattresses

Could there be anything more heavenly than tucking you into an inviting, cozy bed after a long, tiring day? Do you have a mattress that assists in your struggle to get comfortable throughout the night instead of solving it? You need to worry no more, as the StaminaFibre mattress is here to solve all of your comfort problems and give you the greatest night of sleep you’ve ever had.

You can easily buy mattresses in Canada as they are available in the local markets in abundance. But our StaminaFibre foam mattresses, coupled with a blister stretch knit cover, are a unique combination of comfort, style and performance that your body would prefer. The mattresses at StaminaFibre support and align your body for better blood circulation, airflow and relaxation of muscles and tissues. Professionals at StaminaFibre make sure that with consistent effort every piece is brilliant, unique and eco-friendly.

Some of the key features include:

  • Is extremely stretchable and temperature cool
  • Minimizes motion transfer between sleep partners for lesser interruptions and a peaceful night sleep
  • Its single-sided design out rules rotating or flipping
  • It adapts easily to your body for a truly customized feel
  • Reduces pressure points and reduces tossing and turning for a rejuvenating sleep experience
  • The highly breathable blister knit stretch knit outer cover can be removed and laundered for better hygiene


Managing with little sleep could sometimes become an unfortunate necessity, but it should not be adopted as a way of life or a point of pride. StaminaFibre mattresses guarantee you a good night’s sleep and a promise that you greet the following morning with a renewed zeal. We aim to help you get your sleep cycle back in order and treat you to a good night’s sleep; an undoubtedly great way to start a very happy morning! So you can easily buy any mattress in Canada. But since you have the option to buy the best; do your body a favor and buy a StaminaFibre foam mattress.